talking about sexual trauma

Our civilizations are traumatized by sexual violence. A poison we should neutralize by talking

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„Homesman“: About destructive. . .

. .. attitude towards sexuality. Watching this film left me nearly breathless. Never seen such a drastic description of the consequences that total lack of respect towards sexuality and lack of communication about it can have. And this coming from puritan US!! I was stunned. „Homesman“ is not a film about the „Wild West“ or about a tough woman, but (for me) about a desolate and desolating culture that destroys relationship between men an women, the women and at the end also life. The film shows this without any teaching attitude, you don’t even notice what it is about until – well, probably until you try to understand why the brave Mary kills herself. Not because she finally picked the wrong man for this one night? She’s not sixteen any more. . . Difficult to tell why, at the end. But we who watch understand how desperate the situation of these people was; and not only, not mainly because of their hard lives. But mainly because their relationship to each other was spoiled by violence and the lack of compassion, and a completely rigid, mean moral. No pleasure allowed, no birth control either. One of the mad women has thrown the child born from a rape by her husband into the sump. There is not enough to eat anyway.

Let me put it this way: I have rarely seen such a subtle way of showing such an enormous deal of violence.


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Aloisius-Kolleg am Theater Bonn

Ich zitiere einfach mal den Autoren von „Bilder von uns“, Thomas Melle, der schon viele Theaterstücke geschrieben hat, und sich jetzt des Themas sexuelle Gewalt angenommen hat. Er war Schüler am (von sexueller Gewalt kontaminierten) Aloisius-Kolleg.

„Es gibt im Stück den Satz: „Verdrängung ist das, was uns über Wasser hält.“ Verdrängung ist negativ konnotiert, trotzdem brauchen wir sie. Sonst würden wir von der Masse der Erinnerungen erschlagen. Und auch hinsichtlich dieses Prozesses der Kontaminierung: Wenn man ein Erinnerungsfragment aus der Kindheit für schlecht hält, kann dieser Vergiftungsprozess dann auch auf völlig harmlose Dinge übergreifen.“

Uraufführung am 16.1. in Bonn.