talking about sexual trauma

Our civilizations are traumatized by sexual violence. A poison we should neutralize by talking

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Date Rape

I was naive enough to think or hope that Date Rape doesn’t exist any more. An article on a German website taught me otherwise:

Of course it was completely naive to think that a culture of consense and a positive, reponsible attitude towards sexuality – the own and other’s – should now be prevalent at least among younger people.

On the one side, the attitude towards sexuality is very much a cultural thing, and so quite complex. On the other side: There are rules. Very simple ones. „No means no“ for example. But that’s not good enough. The rule to follow is: „Yes means yes“ (and nothing else means yes: Not passivity, or not saying no). I cite Jaclyn Friedman in the introduction to the very interesting collection of essays „Yes means yes“: Weiterlesen