talking about sexual trauma

Our civilizations are traumatized by sexual violence. A poison we should neutralize by talking

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Merry?! Well. . . tolerable Christmas!

Dear Readers,

I don’t wish you a merry Christmas, but a tolerable one. Well, why not merry – in the sense that it doesn’t trigger bad memories, of the time you spent it in your families as defenceless children at the mercy of transgressive adults.

I do like Christmas, and what I celebrate is the fact, that we human beings are able to bring completely defenceless creature into this world, and capable of loving, protecting and accompagnying them into their adult life. Let us fight for good conditions for parents and children, and for our right to be sometimes weak, but still safe.

I thank you for your time and attention, the comments and the reading. I don’t know why Miles Davis did this rebellious Christmas song – he had a sheltered maybe even happy childhood. Weiterlesen