talking about sexual trauma

Our civilizations are traumatized by sexual violence. A poison we should neutralize by talking

About this blog

This is not a self help blog for people who have been exposed to sexual violence some (maybe very early) time in their lives. It is a help blog for our societies that still find it extremely difficult – not to cope with the phenomenon – but just to look at it. Which is very understandable. But doesn’t help. We’d have so much better lives and societies without sexual violence. Look at just the material damages it does: Every year, treating illnesses which are consequence of the trauma, costs billions (in Germany only). Let alone the sorrow for those concerned directly or indirectly (partners, children, friends). So: It’s really worth talking about it!

And many people did already – in fiction, films, music, political action. Often not too directly, as the subject doesn’t please very much. This is a platform that relates and shares this talk, also for those who feel concerned about the fact that millions of people are living among us who don’t dare to speak out because they don’t want to be considered as victims.

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